'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Finale: AD Revealed by Spoilers!

'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Finale: AD Revealed by Spoilers!

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 finale spoilers may have finally revealed who A.D. is. For seven seasons now, the Rosewood gang has been desperately trying to put the correct pieces together to figure out who Uber A/A.D. is. However, they have failed one too many times as most viewers and followers of PLL are aware.

The liars have had many suspects throughout the Freeform series’ run. They’ve considered Alison DiLaurentis herself, Jason DiLaurentis, Ezra Fitz, Byron Montgomery, Peter Hastings, Maya St. Germain, all the other members of the all-girl clique, and more. The most convincing suspects include Jenna Marshall, Wren Kingston, Melissa Hastings, Mona Vanderwaal, and Lucas Gottesman.

In spite of the long list of possibilities, A.D.’s identity remains a mystery. Thankfully, E! News was able to land exclusive photos for the penultimate episode and they somehow shed light on who the mysterious A.D. is.

PLL Season 7 Episode 19 spoilers

Titled Farewell, My Lovely, one photo the upcoming episode shows who seems to be Mona on a couch, circled by and being interrogated by the liars. Even though Mona turning out to be A.D. seems far-fetched and a tad bit too obvious, it is undeniable that the person on the couch does seem to look a lot her.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 19 will show the Rosewood clique “totally convinced that they know the identity of Uber A,” says the aforementioned publication. They note that Hanna, Caleb, and Spencer are going to team up in the next episode. Who knows what the trio will find as they dig deeper into Charlotte DiLaurentis’ death? In addition, Andrea Parker’s Mary Drake will show up with a present for Spencer and Alison, reveals the same source.

The official synopsis reads: “The Liars gear up for a confrontation with A.D.; Spencer, Hanna and Caleb discover new information regarding Charlotte’s death; Mary Drake returns with a gift for Spencer and Alison.”

When is the Pretty Little Liars Season 7 finale release date?

PLL Season 7 Episode 19 hits small screens on June 20, Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Pretty Little Liars Season 7 finale air date is slated for June 27. The PLL Season 7 finale is titled Til DeAth Do Us PArt. “All is revealed as the ultimate endgame comes to light,” reads its synopsis.

While waiting for the last two episodes of the American teen drama to air, view the press release photos of the penultimate episode here and watch the remaing two sneak peeks for the upcoming episode below.

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