‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2017 Reveals Matty J's First Suitor: Who is Nanny Tara?

‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2017 Reveals Matty J's First Suitor: Who is Nanny Tara?

The Bachelor Australia 2017 has started to unveil the 22 ladies vying for Matty Johnson’s heart. First in the list is Tara. She is introduced as a nanny who is dedicated to her work.

In a video released on the official Twitter account of The Bachelor Australia, the 27-year-old blonde is seen dressed in a plunging lacy navy blue gown coupled with some pieces of gold jewelry. The video was captioned: “It’s time to introduce you to our very first Bachelorette, meet Tara! #TheBachelorAU, coming soon.”

Tara was already featured in the first couple of trailers that Channel Ten had dropped last month. In the first promo, Matty’s female suitors are shown in their gowns stepping out of the limousine and greeting him in the courtyard. Watch the teaser below.

Who is Nanny Tara?

The Twitter clip offered some information about Tara. In her own voiceover, Tara introduced herself. “My name is Tara, I’m 27 years old and I’m a nanny. I really love my job. Kids get attracted to me. Probably because I am a kid. But also because they can tell I really love being around them,” she said.

NOW Magazine says the bachelorette from Queensland is looking for a guy with a great personality and who loves food as much as she does. Tara also admitted that she often tends to speak before she thinks. She hopes this will not discourage Matty to know her better.

Who Will Win Matty’s Heart in The Bachelor Australia 2017?

It seems like Tara will not be the only one who catches Matty’s attention this season. The second trailer for the upcoming The Bachelor Australia 2017 shows Matty’s undeniable chemistry with two other women in the competition. During the 60-second clip, Matty is seen stunned with the presence of jewelry designer Laura. “You look absolutely amazing,” he told the brunette, who walks up to him in a slinky brown two-piece outfit. He is then heard saying, “Laura has definitely caught my eye”.

Lisa, on the other hand, leaves Matty speechless. As Lisa walks away, Matty can be heard saying, “Lisa took my breath away.” The other women in the competition also surprised Matty with their stunts during their first meeting. Watch the trailer below.

Though the new season of the reality TV show is yet to premiere, there are already speculations on who will win Matty’s heart. Some fans are convinced it is Laura. However, there was an earlier report that Matty Johnson failed to find love on the show and stayed single in the finale. A Network Ten spokesperson, however, denied the rumor and claimed the report is completely false.

There is no set air date for The Bachelor Australia 2017 just yet. Filming of this season had already completed.

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