'This is Us' Season 2 to Show Jack's Evil Side and How He Died

'This is Us' Season 2 to Show Jack's Evil Side and How He Died

This is Us fans brace yourself. You will see the dark side of Papa Pearson in the upcoming This is Us Season 2.

Milo Ventimiglia, who plays the role of Jack Pearson, admitted that his character is not perfect at all. He said Jack has many flaws that are interesting to explore in Season 2. Ventimiglia teased that his character might show a whole new side of him in the upcoming season.

“I think it’s easy for people to find that perfection because he’s not around. There’s this respect that comes in death. I’ve always been interested in the flaws of him even though they might not be the most apparent,” he told TVGuide.

In Season 1, Jack was depicted as a perfect father to his triplets. He has been a good husband to Rebecca (Mandy Moore) until it was revealed that he is not okay with the idea of Rebecca pursuing her singing career. This led to a fight and eventually Rebecca asking her husband to move out of the house.

Jack’s drinking problem is another thing. Though fans already saw this in Season 1, it seems like more will unveil in the upcoming season. Moreover, Jack also showed that he is capable of doing bad things. Remember, he almost committed an armed robbery in Season 1. Milo Ventimiglia teased, Jack’s flaws “might not be in the front of Jack’s book, but … it doesn’t mean the ripped pages aren’t there.”

How Jack Died?

That is the million dollar question that remained unanswered in the Season 1 finale. Except for a funeral scene with Rebecca and the Big Three teens, there is nothing more about Jack’s death. Speculations on how Jack passed away ranges from a car crash to heart attack.

Creator Dan Fogelman had assured that fans will finally learn how Papa Pearson died in Season 2. In fact, Moore confirmed it will be in the debut episode of the upcoming installment. “One thing I can tell you, you will learn how Jack died in the first episode of Season 2. That’s what we’ve been told,” Moore revealed in Larry King Now.

What to Expect in This is Us Season 2

Aside from Jack’s imminent death, several characters in the previous season will have more screen time come September. According to Entertainment Weekly, fans will see more of the teen Big Three. Hanna Zeile (teenage Kate), Niles Fitch (teenage Randall), and Logan Shroyer (teenage Kevin) are all promoted to series regular. As for their younger versions, Mackenzie Hancsicsak (young Kate) and Parker Bates (young Kevin) will be series regulars too but not Lonnie Chavis (young Randall). Chavis will stay in a recurring role due to contract commitment for the upcoming Showtime series White Famous.

Justin Hartley’s (adult Kevin) onscreen love interest, Alexandra Breckenridge (Sophie), was also elevated to series regular. This means that the love story of the ex-couple did not end in the Season 1 finale when Kevin decided to head back to L.A.

Of course, Jon Huertas (Miguel) is coming back. This time around as a series regular, which means Jack is really going to die. Ron Cephas Jones (William) will also return in This is Us Season 2. Yes, he died in the previous season but Randall’s biological father is definitely coming back in flashbacks throughout the season.

This is Us Season 2 will have 18 episodes but according to Fogelman, it will be split into two arcs. The first part will premiere on September 26 and will run through the holiday break. The second part will air right after the holiday season.