'Winds of Winter' Release Date Cancelled if George Martin Dies: 'No one Abuses Westeros But Me!'

'Winds of Winter' Release Date Cancelled if George Martin Dies: 'No one Abuses Westeros But Me!'

George RR Martin recently reveals that he is trying to deliver his sixth book amid the rumors claiming the Winds of Winter release date might not happen. The author’s remark comes following the concerns aired by readers that he might not live to finish the series.

George RR Martin Slams Demanding Fans and Fan-Fictions about ASOIAF

After six years of waiting, fans have grown tired and desperate to get a hold of the book. Yet Martin himself is not happy with their demands. Contrary to the popular belief, the author does not only write the Game of Thrones series. He is also the editor of the Wild Cards series, which came out five years before ASOIAF and has 23 volumes to date.

So it is entirely understandable that the renowned writer would update the readers on the status of the other books. Just this week, an enthusiast pleaded with Martin for any information regarding the book. It would be safe to safe that the desperate fan was speaking for all the followers when he noted that the author was sharing updates about the Wild of Cards instead of his new book.

The Live Journal user stated, “While I am sure there are wild card fans, I’m willing to bet 99% of your fans are for ASOIAF. Using the popularity of that to promote wild cards to readers who don’t care about it is annoying when you haven’t provided even a nugget of info about WoW in over a year.”

This prompted Martin to respond with a not-so-apologetic tone to the irritated fan. He wrote, “I think your 99% to 1% is rather an exaggeration…Do you really want or need weekly WoW posts all saying, ‘Still working on it, not done yet?’”

Winds of Winter Release Date Cancelled if George RR Martin Faces Death!

It is undeniable that the sixth book in A Song of Ice and Fire series is considered one of the highly anticipated novels today amid its countless delays. Nevertheless, the 68-year-old novelist is looking to live another 30 years, so he could pen the works that he has to do in the hopes of hitting the Winds of Winter release date.

Martin felt insulted when a fan suggested that with his age, there might be a chance that he will not live long enough to finish his books. The author replied, “I don’t see speculation about the possibility of my death as any sort of compliment.” He further added that he hopes he can live for more years so that the can write 30 more books.

Moreover, the American writer has spoken about his feelings toward the increasing number of fan-fiction stories online. Martin apparently does not approve such acts, stating, “No one gets to abuse the people of Westeros but me.” He explained that he does not want any writer to continue the story if ever he faces his death because he is too concerned about its quality.

For now, readers should stop bugging him since it will just further delay the Winds of Winter release date. In the meantime, you watch the Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer below.