'Winds of Winter' Release Date, News, Chapters: Everything You Should Know!

'Winds of Winter' Release Date, News, Chapters: Everything You Should Know!

Although George RR Martin has been tight-lipped about the Winds of Winter release date, tons of details about the sixth book are already making rounds in the web. However, in a recent post of the author in his Live Journal, he told fans not to worry because he is still writing the novel.

Updates regarding the sixth installment of A Song of Ice and Fire are so minimal, making the readers demand an assurance from the book author himself. It was previously reported that Martin will be working with other writers for HBO’s Game of Thrones spin-offs. This confirmation resulted to an internet backlash, with fans expressing their dismay and disappointment on another possible delay.

Martin Talks About the Winds of Winter Release Date

It is no surprise that dedicated readers are frustrated that the novel may not hit the shelves as soon as hoped. In fact, their expectation was that it will be out in the public before the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere. However, it turns out that the wait will take a little longer than the estimated publication date and it may even surpass the seventh season of the show.

In Martin’s blog, a reader tactlessly accused Martin of using the popularity of the Winds of Winter book to promote his Wild Cards series. The upset fan pointed out that he and the rest of the fandom are not interested in reading the updates about the other novel. However, the 68-year-old writer fired back saying that some of his readers’ remarks were just an exaggeration.

Martin also confirmed that he can’t keep up with the “weekly” updates regarding the Winds of Winter release date as it is not his style. He goes on to explain that he is still working on the book, but specific details remain unknown.

“It is not done yet, but I’ve made progress, but not as much as I hope a year ago when I thought to be done by now,” Martin writes. He further revealed, “I think it will be out this year. But I thought the same thing last year.” In the meantime, it is still vague if the author will drop the sixth novel before 2017 ends.

New Chapter to Feature Jon Snow’s Death and Resurrection

Meanwhile, a new theory suggests that a chapter in the sixth book will feature Jon Snow’s death and his resurrection. This scene in the television series concludes with the character saying “ghost.” While the show already showcased the fate of Jon, it is still unknown whether Martin will make a twist in a new chapter of the novel.

Many theorists believe that Martin may be done writing that important part of the story, which could be from Jon’s point of view. They claim that fans will get to read how Jon felt during his death and what he has been through before he was resurrected. Hence, everyone should wait for George RR Martin’s official confirmation on the plot story.