'Winds of Winter' Release Date on Hold! George RR Martin Has a 'Big Trip' in August

'Winds of Winter' Release Date on Hold! George RR Martin Has a 'Big Trip' in August

While there is still no word about the Winds of Winter release date, it looks like the chance of it being released this year is quite slim. After abstaining from a lot of traveling to focus on writing the sixth book and other projects, George RR Martin decided to take a “big trip” this August – resulting to speculations of a further delay of the highly anticipated ASOIF novel.

Fans want to get an update in greater frequency from the renowned author, but the reason it is not happening is pretty simple. On his Live Journal, Martin revealed that there is nothing to report about the book. He explained why the Winds of Winter release date tidbits were hard to come by and gave assurance that it was top on his list.

The 68-year-old writer wrote that there were too many things on his plate, reiterating that apart from the last two books of A Song of Ice and Fire, he’s working on other projects, too. He admitted that his ongoing writing gigs swamped him. More recently, fresh distractions have come out, and these could easily delay things he has been doing, including the task to complete the much-awaited sixth novel in the series.

Martin’s Trip this August May Result to Winds of Winter Release Date Delay

The American novelist previously abstained from traveling a lot to focus on his works, including the much-awaited sixth installment. In a recent post on his live journal, he divulged that he has a “big trip” this August, his first in months.

He noted, “I cut way way way back to my travel this year, to give myself more time to work…But come August I’ll be off again, first to NYC for a wedding and the usual round of publisher and agent meetings, then off to Finland for worldcon then on to Russia for a con in St. Petersberg…Two trips for all of 2017 is the least amount of travel I’ve done in twenty years.”

The Game of Thrones creator has long shied away from traveling around a lot as he continuously works his way to finishing the novel, among many other projects. The success of the HBO hit series, born out of his bestselling book series, pushed him to go from one place to another in the past few years. But this year, he made sure that he will be focusing on writing than traveling.

George RR Martin Stops Working on Wild Cards for The Winds of Winter’s Sake

Other books are dear to Martin. He said that at the moment, his work on the Wild Cards series is more of editing and rewriting. He even stated that he wanted to pen down some more of its stories, revealing, “Truth be told, I’d love nothing better than to write some more Wild Cards stories…and I have stories to tell.”

The creator then clarified that although he wanted to work on other series, doing it is next to impossible at the moment. He wrote, “All that will need to wait until I’ve finished WINDS OF WINTER, and maybe DREAMS OF SPRING as well.” His declaration would somehow serve as a solid assurance to disappointed fans that the novel will be finalized before he gets to jump to Wild Cards.