Amazon Echo Show brings a screen to Alexa, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) on Tuesday unveiled a new Echo, a digital home assistant that has a touchscreen and can be used to make video calls. Anyone can make or receive a call on Show if they have the Alexa app. Skype is not supported as of now. All Echo messaging and calling is free. We even saw a leaked render of this product a couple of days ago and today, the company has made the official announcement. That’s right, for those of you who simply can’t bear to search lyrics on Google anymore, Echo Show has you covered. When your Echo gets a message, you’ll hear a chime and see a green light ring on your device.Alex Osborn is a freelance writer for IGN.The news came close on the heels of Amazon selling Amazon Echo at a discounted price of $149.99, against the original price of $179.99. Instead, the Alexa app on your smartphone will pull and sync your contacts, matching you up with whichever of your friends and family also have a calling-enabled Echo device synced with their own phones. It will include the features of its other Echo devices along with video shown on a seven-inch touchscreen.A source speaking with CNBC said Amazon plans to use its Alexa and Echo technology in the enterprise, too, and that we can expect announcements on that front later this year.With Echo Show customers can say, “Alexa, show the baby’s room” and have the feed from an Internet connected camera, like Arlo, display on Echo Show. As it is an echo underneath, you can connect it to your home automation systems and let Alexa control most of your electrical appliances through your voice commands.