Theresa May brands Labour manifesto pledges ‘a wish list’

As the Tories turned their fire on Labour following Tuesday’s manifesto launch, the Prime Minister claimed there was a £58 billion black hole in Mr Corbyn’s plans – a figure rejected by Labour who insist the programme is fully costed – while Mr Hammond said numerous party’s plans to nationalise industries and raise tax on the rich were “questionable”.Mr Corbyn was quoted as saying earlier in the campaign that he would stay on whatever the result of the election, citing the mandate he has from his leadership victories in 2015 and 2016.And this appears to be linked to a significant fall in the number of people who say they will vote for UKIP.The manifesto also confirms that were Jeremy Corbyn to prove victorious in June, Labour would legislate to ban letting agency fees charged to tenants.”For seven years the Conservatives have been holding Britain back”, the Labour leader said.”This manifesto is the first draft of a better future for the people of our country”.Theresa May, meanwhile, has largely focused her visits to Conservative-held seats with relatively low majorities, which have the potential to be losses.However, the poll of polls – the average of many polls that are carried out – put the Tories on 47 and Labour on 31.However the Conservatives said that if Labour’s nationalisation programme – which was not costed in the manifesto – and other investment spending was taken into account, borrowing would hit nearly £58 billion by 2021-22, the final year of the next parliament.”While Jeremy Corbyn and Labour retreat into an ideological comfort zone, ducking the hard challenges which lay ahead, I will be straight with people, I won’t shy away from the challenges of our time, I will set out how we will tackle them head-on”, she said.Hannah Newton, 39, who has lived in Bramley for five years, took her daughter Arrietty, 21 months, to see the Labour leader in person.Recent national opinion polls also cast doubt on claims that Labour’s support has plummeted.He added: “People like me are always optimistic… things can happen”.Jeremy Corbyn has accused Conservatives of risking a “war between generations” with a manifesto that pitches young against old.”I believe that if Labour can hold on to 200 seats or so it will be a successful campaign”, he said. “While his figures are a fantasy, it is ordinary working families who will pay”. There will be an increase in income taxes on those earning more than 80,000 pounds a year – and another one on earnings over 123,000 pounds – a hike by a third on corporation tax and a new levy on companies paying staff more than 330,000 pounds a year.