Gingrich: A president “cannot obstruct justice”

Twitter users quickly pointed out the irony of Gingrich’s assertions, given his role in President Clinton’s impeachment by the House.However, Gingrich himself has in the past voted to impeach a president over such charges.Gingrich speaks regularly with Trump and is promoting a new book on how to “understand” him.Friday morning, Trump appeared to suggest a way toward getting rid of special counsel Robert Mueller: by first ousting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who put Mueller in his position.Gingrich was a vocal advocate for Trump during his campaign and at one time was considered for the vice president slot.The most prominent of those Trump backers was Gingrich, who tweeted Monday that Republicans were “delusional” if they thought Mueller would be fair.He pushed back on the idea that we should forget about left versus right in this moment of grief. “Maybe it’s you, whoever you are, ‘” Gingrich said.Gingrich’s tweets marked a coming of full circle in an effort by some of Trump’s most prominent allies to delegitimize the Mueller-led investigation. “These people are coming after you to put you in prison, and you need to be very careful and you need to listen to your lawyers, and I say this as much to the President as anybody; this is not a game”.In testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week, Comey testified that Trump had asked him to drop his investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn before firing Comey.