Health care bill protesters stage “die-in” outside McConnell’s office

U.S. Capitol Police arrested dozens of people protesting cuts to Medicaid in the Senate Republicans’ health care bill on Thursday.One video showed people chanting, “No cuts to Medicaid, save our liberty!”Laura Halvorson, 33, also a protester, said many of those who participated in the die-in resisted arrest and were then removed by Capitol Police without their wheelchairs – images that attracted significant attention on social media.Police remove a woman from a protest in front of the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Capitol Hill, on June 22, 2017.The protest organized by the disability advocacy organization ADAPT, was meant to pressure McConnell and other Republicans not to cut Medicaid funding.Tense situation outside McConnell’s Russell office as protesters gather. Group chants in front of @SenateMajLdr’s office.Capitol Police officers eventually removed protesters from the area.- Andrew Desiderio (@desiderioDC) June 22, 2017Q: Are you being arrested?Alison Barkoff, protest participant and director of advocacy for the Center for Public Representation, told CNN, “This is a tax cut to the wealthiest Americans on the backs of people with disability”.”To say people will die under this law is not an exaggeration”, Mike Oxford, an organizer for the group, said in a statement. Organizers calling this a “die in”.There’s also been unconfirmed reports of blood on the floor in the hallway.A Trumpcare opponent being carried from a sit-in outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office on Thursday morning after the Republicans released their draft version of a healthcare overhaul bill.The 28 female and 15 male protesters who were arrested were transported to Capitol Police headquarters for processing, authorities said.