Kick from motorcycle rider touches off 2-car crash in santa clarita

A recent road rage incident between a motorcyclist and another driver ended in a terrifying crash on a California highway. and it was caught on tape.The traffic collision happened Wednesday about 5:45 Newhall Avenue as commuters made their way down the southbound lanes of Highway 14, CHP Officer Josh Greengard told The Signal Thursday.The video shows the motorcyclist pulling up to the driver’s side of a Nissan sedan in the far left lane of the freeway, then kicking a leg at the vehicle.California Highway Patrol is investigating and says one or two people may have been taken to the hospital, but no information is now available on their conditions.At the same time, a motorcyclist operating a “Harley Davidson type” of motorcycle was also traveling southbound, also inside the auto pool lane, to the left of the Nissan, he said.The motorcyclist was seen riding off, away from the crash. Tim Morrison and Chris Traber were on their way to work in Santa Clarita when they saw a auto cut off a motorcycle. The vehicle swerves right and then left, and hits the center divider in a burst of flames. The pickup truck overturned during the crash. The sedan veered left, pinching the biker to the center divider before it swerved and crashed into the wall, hitting and flipping a Chevy pickup truck over on its roof. He was kicking the vehicle.The person who recorded the video immediately turned in the footage to the CHP.We’ve all seen it or been a victim of road rage, but sometimes, it can be very scary. ‘Hopefully by doing this, it can help him out’.