President Trump Tightens Rules on Americans Traveling to Cuba and More

They include: free elections, the release of political prisoners and direct pay for Cuban workers.The Trump administration says the goal of the directive is to end business practices that enrich Havana’s government but fail to benefit the Cuban people. “Officially, today, they are rejected”.The confirmation, made by the second spokesman of White House in the daily press conference, comes after days of speculation in Washington about the announcement of a hardening of the policy of Barack Obama.However, these numbers still fall short of U.S. Airlines’ expectations, who invested liberally following the promise of potential profits.Embassies will remain open and money sent by Cubans will be unaffected. USA airlines and cruise ships restored service to the communist-run island. Born in Cuba and raised in the U.S., Godinez maintains close ties with his native country, collaborating with Cuban artists and co-teaching American students alongside Cuban scholars in Cuba. Remittances to Cuba won’t be cut off. The category of individual people-to-people travel that is slated to be eliminated was only added as an authorized option in March 2016. And the USA government will police other such trips to ensure there’s a tour group representative along making sure travelers are pursuing a “full-time schedule of educational exchange activities”.Now, she thinks trump would be making a big mistake by tightening US restrictions on the island nation.President Donald Trump is bringing renewed restriction on travelers going to Cuba.”At the very least, we were expecting to see the start of investment in Cuba, as well as greater political opening of the Cuban government and the diversification of the island’s economy”, said Torrico. Saudi Arabia, like Cuba, is well known for human rights abuses. On the campaign trail, Trump called the Obama administration’s moves to restore relations with Cuba “a bad deal” and tweeted a threat to “terminate it.””President Trump will treat the Castro regime as a malevolent dictatorship that it is”, Diaz-Balart said.Thank you for signing up..Though they do not go as far as some feared, the Trump policy changes laid out in the Miami Herald and Politico on Thursday take a harsher stance than the relative rapprochement in recent years and could dramatically affect USA business on the island.”My administration’s policy will be guided by key USA national security interests and solidarity with the Cuban people”, the draft of the five-point, eight-page Presidential Policy Directive reads, Politico reported.But watchdog groups such as Human Rights Watch are skeptical of a return to the terms of the half-century Cold War stand-off, with its total trade embargo and no diplomatic ties. Even among Cuban-Americans in South Florida, almost two-thirds want to lift the USA embargo. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., have shown no interest in doing so.Rubio staunchly opposed Obama’s re-engagement with Cuba, and he lauded Trump as he took the stage.Mr. Trump will travel to Miami Friday to announce the policy changes more fully.