Rep. Scalise upgraded from ‘critical’ to ‘serious’

Rep. Steve Scalise’s condition is continuing to improve after he was shot Wednesday at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.United States congressman and senior Republican Steve Scalise has been upgraded from “critical” to “serious condition” and continues to show signs of improvement after being shot while he practised for a charity baseball game. Witnesses at the baseball field said Hodgkinson asked a local resident about the party affiliation of the congressmen; a few moments after he learned they were Republicans, he produced a semiautomatic rifle and began firing volleys of shots.”He is more responsive, and is speaking with his loved ones”, MedStar Washington Hospital said in an email Saturday.The bullet damaged blood vessels, bones, and internal organs, Sava said.Scalise’s surgeon says he can hope to make an “excellent recovery”, despite being at risk of death when he arrived at the hospital.”He underwent another surgery today, but continues to show signs of improvement”, it said. There was so much anger in it.”One of his other victims, lobbyist Matt Mika, remained in critical condition Friday; there was no update on him Saturday”.”The Scalise family greatly appreciates the outpouring of thoughts and prayers”, the statement concludes.Sava declined to put a timeline on when that would happen or when Scalise, 51, would be able to leave the hospital.Sava said that after being released from the hospital, Scalise ‘will require a period of healing and rehabilitation’.He had been listed as still in critical condition Friday, so the serious condition is an upgrade.The Capitol Police was only present because Scalise holds the leadership position of the House Majority Whip and is assigned a security detail.Hodgkinson, from IL, who had lashed out against USA president Donald Trump and other Republicans over social media, was killed by Mr Scalise’s security detail and other police officers.Hodgkinson – an IL home inspector who had been living out of his van near the park – had a social media page filled with criticism of Republicans and the Trump administration.