Rep. Steve Scalise moved out of ICU

The gunman who shot four people including a Republican member of Congress at a baseball field last week acted alone and was not connected to terrorism, FBI investigators said Wednesday.James Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois, opened fire last Wednesday at the baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, wounding Republican leader Steve Scalise, authorities say.Hodgkinson had expressed anti-Republican views online but Slater said, “There were no threats whatsoever”. When they searched the unit, investigators found components for the SKS rifle, a receipt for the November 2016 gun purchase, and more than 200 rounds of ammunition.Hodgkinson had reportedly been in Alexandria, Virginia, where the shooting took place, since March 2017, the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed. Sanders has previously stated that the shooter apparently volunteered on his presidential campaign. Capitol Police officers who were assigned to Scalise returned fire, and were soon joined by Alexandria police.”This is for him right now and we want him to know that the entire Congress thinks about him every day, prays for him and his family, and we hope to get him back on the House floor as soon as possible”, Doyle said.Leaders of the FBI’s Washington field office will discuss their investigative findings at a news conference Wednesday.The storage facility’s visitor log, Slater said, showed that Hodgkinson had gone there 43 times between April and June. “When the witness responded that it was a Republican event, Hodgkinson reportedly remained at the baseball field”.A Nebraska Democratic Party official was sacked Thursday, after a recording caught him saying he was glad Scalise had been shot and wished he died.Scalise was one of four people who were shot during the incident, while two others ‒ Representative Roger Williams (R-Texas) and Capitol Police Special Agent David Bailey ‒ were injured during the chaos. He underwent several surgeries and remains hospitalized at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.Mr. Hodgkinson, who had railed against President Trump on social media and voiced support for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, was carrying a piece of paper with the names of six lawmakers, the F.B.I. said.Some users of the YMCA noticed him but later said they were never suspicious of him, while others described him as odd or a “sourpuss”.