Tupac Collaborator Shock G Busted For Drugs

Veteran rapper Shock G of the group Digital Underground was arrested on June 13 during a traffic stop in Rice Lake, WI.Rice Lake police arrested Gregory Jacobs, 53, of San Francisco, CA on June 13.For those who are unfamiliar (but really shouldn’t be if you’re a rap fan), Shock G is a founding member of the Oakland hip-hop group Digital Underground.Digital Underground are known for their track “The Humpty Dance”, which catapulted them to stardom in the early 1990’s.A police official told the TV station that Jacobs spent a couple of hours in jail before posting a $100 cash bond and released.The case has since been forwarded to the Barron County District Attorney’s Office. Police said that the license plate on the auto was listed to an unlicensed driver who happened to be in the passenger seat.Jacobs was driving the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle was the lone passenger, officers said.Jacobs was pulled over by officers when the drug paraphernalia was allegedly found.Shock had performed on a bill with Naughty by Nature two days before the arrest.