Woman who urged friend to kill himself found guilty of manslaughter

“She did nothing. She did not call the police or Mr. Roy’s family”. “Finally, she did not issue a simple additional instruction [to Roy]: ‘Get out of the truck'”.While in court, Carter sobbed openly.Carter could face up to 20 years in prison, and her sentencing is scheduled to take place on August 3.Carter was tried in juvenile court because she sent the texts as a 17-year-old.During the trial, state prosecutors in Massachuttes showed evidence of numerous of text messages for months between the couple leading to the suicide.Indeed, prosecutors and Judge Moniz pointed out that Carter was “mindful” of the fact that it would take 15 minutes for Roy to die from the carbon monoxide, and that Carter later texted a friend admitting she’d encouraged Roy to kill himself, amplifying her guilt. Her actions constituted wanton and reckless conduct and caused the death of Roy, he said.Carter was accused of repeatedly encouraging him to take his own life, allegedly writing: “The time is right and you’re ready, you just need to do it!” Carter wrote in one message.The defense argued that Carter had been “dragged” into Roy’s longtime intent to commit suicide and was delusional, “overwhelmed” by Roy’s talk of suicide and taking a new prescription for antidepressants.Carter’s lawyer Joseph Cataldo had argued that Roy was already suicidal before meeting Carter and that Roy was exclusively responsible for his own actions.Conrad Roy, Jr, father of Conrad Roy III, comforts his daughter Camdyn Roy in court. A MA judge ruled that she was guilty of involuntary manslaughter after she texted her boyfriend instructions on how to kill himself.Matthew Segal, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union of MA, said that the verdict was a “drastic expansion of criminal law in MA”.”Given the expansive definition of manslaughter under MA law, the guilty verdict is not a surprise”, CNN legal analyst Danny Cevallos said.”I hope she gets a long time”, he said. Joseph Cataldo noted that Roy had previously attempted to kill himself.In several texts revealed in court, the then 17-year-old told him: “You can’t think about it. You said you were gonna do it”.Another Massachusetts defense lawyer, J. Drew Segadelli, applauded the judge for his “careful consideration” of Carter’s damning text message to Roy to “get back in the” vehicle.CBS News reports that Carter and Roy first met in 2012, when they were each visiting relatives in Florida. Their relationship largely existed online, consisting of text and Facebook messages. It is not clear when the judge will issue his verdict.According to prosecutors, Carter relentlessly pressured Conrad Roy III to kill himself in the days before his July 12, 2014, death.