58 presumed dead in London tower fire

The death toll from the fire that tore through a London high-rise has nearly doubled, as residents lash out at the government’s response to one of the deadliest blazes in United Kingdom history. “Sadly, our work will be ongoing for many, many weeks.We know that there are still bodies of those who died inside the building and we want to return those people to their families as soon as we possibly can”. The new figure of 58 includes the 30 that had already been announced.May was rushed away from a meeting with residents on Friday under heavy police guard as protesters shouted “Shame on you” and hundreds stormed a local town hall calling for justice.Investigators are now trying to establish the cause of the fire and how it spread so quickly through the block.She visited the site of the fire on Latimer Road on Thursday, speaking to first responders.”The first person who spoke was a survivor from the 19th floor and – not quite my caricature of the Prime Minister – but to see her welling up, the response in the meeting, and to see her holding the hand of a sobbing lady next to her in the meeting was quite shocking I think to most of us there”.”Government is making money available, we’re ensuring that we’re going to get to the bottom of what’s happened, we will ensure that people are rehoused”.Two nearby Underground subway lines were partially shut down Saturday in the fire area to make sure that debris from the tower did not land on the tracks.May on Saturday chaired a meeting on the government’s response to the fire.”Afterwards, she will meet a group of residents, victims, volunteers and community leaders in No 10″.It will take weeks or longer to recover and identify all the people who died, he said.One of her closest allies, Damian Green, defended May’s seemingly aloof response to the tragedy.Corbyn has written an open letter to the Prime Minister, calling for the public inquiry to ensure “all necessary lessons are learned”.”We are all desperately sad, we are angry, but of course none of us as angry as those who were directly affected”.On the figure of 58, he said: “I really hope it won’t, but it may increase”, while adding that “it might be that some of those are safe and well”, and for some reason, had not yet made themselves known to the police.Mrs May said councils have been told to complete urgent safety checks on all high rise buildings further action “will be taken” if needed. The queen said it was “difficult to escape a very somber mood” on what is normally a day of celebration.Mrs May said the Grenfell Tower blaze “was an unimaginable tragedy for the community, and for our country”.”I can also announce that NHS London will provide specialist long-term bereavement support for the families who have lost loved ones, and immediate psychological support is being provided by Cruise and Red Cross”.The fire has been a major test for Prime Minister Theresa May, whose Conservative Party is clinging to power after losing majority control of Parliament to a Labour surge in a snap election this month.