Air Defense Missile Production Launched

Addressing the ceremony, Dehqan said the Sayyad-3 missiles have an operational range of 120 km and are able to fly at an altitude of 27 km and created to hit medium- and long-range air threats.However, the release of the images of the missile by the state will be seen as provocative by America, with the U.S. now embroiled in a row with the Middle East state over USA prisoners in Iran.The missile can target fighter planes, unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles and helicopters, Dehghan said. Top Iranian authorities took part in the ceremony.The measures signalled that the administration of President Donald Trump was seeking to put more pressure on Iran while keeping in place the agreement between Tehran and six world powers to curb its nuclear program in return for lifting global oil and financial sanctions. Under the terms of the deal, the USA must certify that Iran is complying with the conditions every 90 days.The US government said it was targeting 18 entities and people for supporting what it said were “illicit Iranian actors or transnational criminal activity”. This marked the second time the Trump administration has certified Iran’s compliance under the deal which Trump often criticized during the campaign.Trump’s reported move to prepare the ground for decertification in 90 days is causing a rift with the State Department and Rex Tillerson, who reportedly backs continued certification of the deal. At the ceremony to celebrate the opening of the production line, the Iranian defense minister referred to the $110 billion arms purchase Saudi Arabia made from the United States, saying its goal was to “threaten Islamic Iran”.”Security is not buyable”, he noted, adding the recent huge purchases of arms from the United States demonstrates that the countries of the region bribe USA to confront Iran.