Amb. Bolton: North Korea’s Treatment of Otto Warmbier Was ‘Barbaric’

Physicians at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said that Warmbier had suffered extensive brain damage, which is consistent with a cardiopulmonary event; not a head injury.After a one-hour trial in March 2016, Otto Warmbier was convicted of attempting to steal a propaganda poster and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor.North Korea’s Central Court said earlier Thursday that Warmbier was released from a labor camp “on humanitarian grounds” – but his father flatly dismissed the court’s statement.He went on to reiterate that Dennis Rodman – who arrived for his fifth trip to North Korea wearing a “Pot Coin” T-shirt right around the time of Otto Warmbier’s return – had nothing to do with his son’s long-awaited release. “If they wanted to get something from the United States by torturing Warmbier, they would have live-streamed or at least issued photos of him being tortured”.FILE – In this February 29, 2016 file photo, American student Otto Warmbier speaks to reporters in Pyongyang, North Korea.Fred Warmbier said he and his wife, Cindy Warmbier, worked tirelessly for the release of their son, whom he said was detained at an airport in Pyongyang in January 2016. They have our thanks for bringing Otto home.While they don’t know what caused the brain injury, Kanter said it could likely be the result of “cardio pulmonary arrest”.He returned home to OH on Tuesday in a coma after being “brutalized and terrorized by the pariah regime”, his family said in a statement. We at Liberty Nation have no doubt that this added pressure directly contributed to the release of Otto Warmbier.Diplomat Dennis Rodman, who is now in North Korea, declined to comment Tuesday on Warmbier’s condition or that of three other Americans still being detained. Nevertheless, Fred said during an emotional press conference on Thursday that he is “proud” of his son.Fred Warmbier also stated that President Trump called him on Wednesday night, saying, “It was a really nice conversation”. Richardson credited the State Department with the successful return of Warmbier, but said a response by the USA government will be required if it is found there was a cover-up relating to Otto’s condition and if he had not received proper medical treatment. If you want the details leading up to his coma, then find out with our Otto Warmbier wiki. When asked if he believed the previous administration had could have done more to secure his son’s release Mr. Warmbier flatly replied, “I think the results speak for themselves”.