Assume that ‘North Korea can reach us with a ballistic missile’

The official KCNA news agency said the rocket was a “powerful attack means capable of striking any enemy group of battleships attempting at military attack on the DPRK (North Korea) from the ground at will”.”U.S. Forces Korea confirms the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense [THAAD] system is operational and has the ability to intercept North Korean missiles and defend the Republic of the Korea”, said Col. Rob Manning, US Forces Korea spokesman in a statement.Pyongyang has ordered three ballistic missile launches, a surface-to-air missile, and yesterday’s cruise missile tests since the South’s President Moon Jae In took power last month.North Korea is once again testing the worldwide community’s patience, this time firing two land-to-ship cruise missiles less than 24 hours after South Korea delayed any further rollout of its controversial THAAD anti-missile defense system.The recent North Korean provocations have led South Korea to admit that the missile program of Kim Jong-un’s regime is advancing faster than thought, and that a war might be in the making.”North Korea will only face further isolation from the worldwide community and economic difficulties with its missile launches”, Moon said at the meeting, according to a statement released by the presidential Blue House.Roh Jae-cheon, spokesman of Seoul’s military, said the latest launch would have meant to show off its widening arrange of missiles and also its “precision strike capabilities” on ships in response to the joint drills.North Korea’s weapons tests intend to build a nuclear and missile program that can resist what it sees as hostility from the U.S.and South Korea.However, the cruise missile firing do not violate U.N. Security Council resolutions against the North, which ban launches using ballistic missile technology.The head of the US Missile Defense Agency, Vice Admiral James Syring, said on Wednesday technological advances demonstrated by North Korea in its ballistic missile programme in the past six months had caused him “great concern”. On Tuesday, the U.S. Navy said its Nimitz carrier left San Diego to join the Carl Vinson and Ronald Reagan as part of a routine deployment.”They will lose their opportunities for development”, Moon said during his first National Security Council meeting as president.As of June 9, North Korea has fired 16 missiles over 10 testing events.It tested a new type of land-to-sea missile off its east coast yesterday.The launch comes one day after Moon’s government suspended the deployment of a controversial U.S. missile defense system which had strained relations with China and angered North Korea. The move was immediately condemned by South Korea’s president, who warned North Korea that the only thing the country has to gain from unauthorized launches is “isolation and economic difficulties”.Japan has been at the forefront in seeking further sanctions to rein in the North’s nuclear and missile ambitions.According to USA Today, the launch marked the fourth new missile system introduced and successfully tested this year alone.