Auto makers unshaken by Trump’s move on Paris accord

Group of Seven (G7) environment ministers and officials are meeting in Bologna on Sunday and Monday to discuss issues including climate change, sustainable development and litter at sea.They also agreed to work towards the stated goal of raising at least 100 billion USA dollars per year by 2020 to help poor and developing countries adapt to the impacts of changing climate.Mr. Trump announced earlier this month that the US will bow out of the global effort to avert the worst impacts of climate change, saying the Paris agreement would create job losses in the American coal, oil and natural gas industries, and in the manufacturing sector.In remarks during the two days of talks and at their conclusion, some leaders vowed to continue with climate action despite the USA stance.Aside from Hendricks, also expected in Bologna was Scott Pruitt, Trump’s choice for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and French President Emmanuel Macron’s cabinet nominee, Greens campaigner Nicolas Hulot.Erik Solheim, the head of the UN’s Environment Program, called on the United States to lead global action on climate change, despite the Trump administration’s ongoing assault on environmental regulations. The real driver behind dropping USA emissions has been the shale boom, which has unlocked vast quantities of cheap shale gas that has displaced coal as the country’s dominant source of energy.Presenting the report, Italy’s environment minister, Gian Luca Galletti, called the Paris accord “irreversible, non-negotiable and the only instrument possible to combat climate change”.The other six countries in the G-7 all agreed at last month’s political summit of national leaders in Sicily to work toward making the Paris climate accord effective.Even before the Paris climate agreement was adopted, Dutch activists successfully sued the Netherlands in 2015 for not doing enough to fight climate change, with the court ordering “the Dutch state to limit GHG emissions to 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2020″, UNEP reported.A government source said June 12 that Japan concluded that such a move would have no merit as Trump’s decision simply reflected his commitment to a campaign pledge he had made in his run for the presidency. “As their statement makes clear, there is no appetite to “renegotiate” the Paris agreement, and the drive towards a global economy based on clean, renewable energy will continue full speed ahead despite the efforts of President Trump and Scott Pruitt to slow it down”. Any new US administration could rejoin within 30 days, Kerry said. To meet the carbon-dioxide emissions targets, the United States would have to significantly cut back its use of traditional energy resources, including oil and natural gas, hurting the economies of many Midwestern and Western states. He has said the United States could try to re-enter the deal under more favourable terms, but Italy, France and Germany have said the Paris accord cannot be renegotiated.