Brazil Senate passes controversial labour reform

The president has denied wrongdoing and vows to fight the charge.The bill will now be sent to President Temer to be signed into law.After six hours, Oliveira restarted the session, but the opposition senators did not leave his seat.The presidential press office said in a statement that Maia has remained loyal to Temer since becoming speaker previous year. If approved that way, the bill would go directly to the president for signature.”This labor reform does not have an item in favor of the worker”, said opposition senator João Capiberipe.Opposition senators prevented Senate President Eunicio Oliveira and some of his allies from reaching their desks for a scheduled vote.Oliveira responded by ordering the power and microphones cut off and he adjourned the session, leading to hours of negotiations behind the scenes while the insurgents remained in the chamber in a standoff that continued into the night.Speaker Rodrigo Maia of the Democrats Party, who would become the interim president should Temer step aside, said Brazil “cannot wait” for resolution of the first charge among several expected to be brought against Temer.The same process occurred previous year to Temer’s predecessor Dilma Rousseff, who was eventually impeached. It also gives more flexibility for part-time work and temporary contracts.The proposal to modernize Brazil’s labor laws, some of which date back to the 1940s, is backed by Brazilian businesses so they can lower labor costs that allegedly undercut their ability to compete in foreign markets.Brazilian media have been predicting the bill would pass despite its low standing in polls.Allies of the president hope the victory on the labor law bill will give the president a boost before Congress lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, votes on whether to suspend him from office and put him on trial for corruption.If the top court accepts a charge and puts the president on trial, he would be suspended for 180 days and replaced by Maia on an interim basis.Expect plenty of ugly maneuvers and dirty tricks before any House vote on Temer’s corruption charge takes place.