Brazilian Pres. Temer Charged with Accepting Bribes, Graft Scheme

However, the wily politician – married to a former beauty queen four decades his junior – reckons he can keep enough support in the scandal-ridden Congress to ward off the criminal charges, which need a two-thirds majority vote to proceed.Janot, however, is piling on the pressure and by separating the charges he would make sure that the crisis dragged on, weakening Temer’s political base and making two thirds congressional approval for his trial more likely.Rocha Loures was jailed after being filmed receiving a suitcase containing 500,000 reais (about 150,000 USA dollars), which were allegedly a bribe for Temer coming from meatpacking company Group J&F boss Joesley Batista.Temer acted “in violation of his duties to the state and to society”, Janot said, citing “abundant” proof of bribe taking.Rodrigo Janot said Temer had “fooled Brazilian citizens” and owed the nation millions in compensation.”Maybe the millions in fees received weren’t only for the trusted aide, but”. Attorney General Rodrigo Janot must decide by Wednesday whether to bring forward charges of corruption, obstruction of justice and being part of a criminal organization. It alleges the President failed to flag the alleged corruption of members of the judiciary and public service after his conversation with Batista. Companies have allegedly been paying billions of dollars in bribes to politicians and to executives of state-run companies to gain contracts.Key lawmakers in Temer’s alliance told Reuters, on condition of anonymity, they would halt work on proposed labour reforms if forced to vote on charges against the president.It is the first time that a sitting Brazilian president has faced charges.Temer, who took over in May of previous year after President Dilma Rousseff was impeached and later removed from office, now also has the dubious distinction of having the lowest approval rating of a president since 1989. The presidential palace declined to comment. Last month’s explosive allegations of criminality destabilized yet further his government and prompted, briefly, a selloff of Brazilian assets.If Temer is removed, Congress will have to elect a new president within 30 days, and that person will stay in office until the end of 2018.His trip last week to Russian Federation and Norway ended up underscoring the president’s problems and Brazil’s diminished stature overseas, thanks to a steady stream of corruption scandals the last three years.Palocci served as finance minister under former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and as chief of staff for Lula’s successor, Dilma Rousseff. Batista reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors.Melo said the votes by lawmakers, many of whom are facing their own corruption investigations, would be a test of how alienated Brazil’s political class was from an increasingly angry population. Over 90 people have been convicted.