Brexit Secretary David Davis targeting a ‘deal like no other in history’

Britain’s Brexit minister David Davis said London wanted a deep and special relationship with the European Union after the divorce and that he would conduct the talks in a constructive tone. “We must first tackle the uncertainties caused by Brexit”, centering on citizens living on each other’s territory, border arrangements between Ireland and the United Kingdom and the amount that Britain stands to pay to get out of its previous European Union commitments, Barnier said.Davis is to meet Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, to kick off hugely complex withdrawal negotiations that are expected to conclude within two years.But he said that Monday morning’s terror attack in London and the devastating fires in Portugal reminded him that “there is more that unites us than divides us”.Brexit negotiations start Monday, after British Prime Minister Theresa May lost her parliamentary majority in an election meant to strengthen her hand.Brexit Secretary David Davis has said Britain will seek “a deal that works in the best interests of all citizens” in Brexit talks getting under way in Brussels.The EU wants its citizens to retain all of the rights they now enjoy, and would extend the same offer to British citizens living in other member states.British foreign minister Boris Johnson, like Davis a prominent backer of the leave campaign, also sounded an upbeat note.The center-left Social Democrat strongly criticized May’s Conservatives, saying that they “played with the emotions of citizens in Britain, told fake news about Europe and left people unclear about what consequences this would all have”. “We keep hearing only what they don’t want, but we don’t have any picture of what future relations will look like”.”I think the whole process will lead to a happy resolution which can be done with honour and profit to both sides”, Johnson said as he went into a separate meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Luxembourg.’I look forward to beginning work on that new future’. Gabriel and Austria’s Chancellor Christian Kern have voiced sharp criticism of the latest US sanctions against Moscow, Thursday, June 15, 2017, because they could affect European businesses involved in piping Russian natural gas to Europe.In his view a soft Brexit will keep the United Kingdom within the customs union, avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland, protect manufacturing supply chains and will not tear up relations with the EU “that will do inestimable damage” to the United Kingdom, he says.Germany’s deputy foreign minister, Michael Roth, told RBB Inforadio that “we must of course protect our interests as the European Union 27 but naturally we also don’t want to punish Britain”.”The best way we can spend this week is to rebuild trust”, another European source said.