Brexit talks start Monday. The UK still lacks a plan

Britain’s negotiations with the European Union over its exit from the bloc begin on Monday.Asked whether he favoured a softer version of Brexit, such as one which includes membership of the EU single market or the customs union, he said Britain’s position had been set out by the Prime Minister.The sensitive issue has been thrown into further doubt by May’s efforts to seek a deal with Northern Ireland’s ultra-conservative Democratic Unionist Party to stay in power after the British election.In her letter triggering the two-year Brexit process on March 29, May had insisted that Britain wanted to discuss them in parallel.May is not expected to announce an agreement with the DUP until next week.But his planned address was postponed because of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.”We want to see a Brexit that works for everybody, not just in Northern Ireland from my perspective but in the Republic of Ireland as well, so it is about a sensible Brexit”, Foster told reporters.Mr Hammond will say: “Investors need certainty in order to continue to support the United Kingdom economy and create jobs as we leave the EU”.”We need trust to build the future relationship”.May gambled that a strong election win, as forecast by some pollsters, would boost her majority in the House of Commons in time for the Brexit talks, but instead, her party surrendered 13 seats in the lower chamber.Prompted by her poor election showing, particularly among pro-EU young people who fear losses of jobs and opportunity for Brexit, some of her most senior ministers and two former Conservative prime ministers have called for a rethink.”We believe that the withdrawal process can not be concluded without the future relationship also being taken into account”, the spokesman said.”My clear view and I believe the view of the majority of people in Great Britain is we should be protecting jobs, protecting economic growth and protecting prosperity”, Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond said as he arrived for regular talks with his European Union counterparts in Luxembourg.Following discussions in Brussels on Thursday, the offices of Brexit Secretary David Davis and the European Commission’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier released a joint statement to confirm the date.