Britain to Convene Two-Year Legislative Session to Tackle Brexit

The European Commission said that Monday’s meeting between its chief negotiator Michel Barnier and Brexit Secretary David Davis would take place “as part of the sequenced approach to the talks” set out by the EU.It’s the first time a country has left the European Union so the negotiators — led by former French government minister and European Union commissioner Michel Barnier and Britain’s David Davis — will also be navigating uncharted waters.More than two thousand companies have gathered for The Paris Air Show, which gets underway today.The debate within Britain’s government about how to quit the European Union has been blown wide open by an election that left May without a majority in parliament and damaged her authority in the ruling Conservative Party. He added that the scheduled Brexit talks were an important milestone since then.Finalization of the agreements on the future relations between Brussels and London is only possible after the Brexit process is concluded, but discussion of those future relations may begin during the second phase of the talks.The Prime Minister’s legacy will be defined by whether she makes good on her promise to make a success of Brexit.Another scoundrel in the eyes of Eurosceptics, the European Parliament Brexit co-ordinator’s role will grow as the talks near their end because MEPs will have a veto over any final deal.Appearing on same program, Labour’s Brexit spokesman Sir Keir Starmer said Britain woulc definitely leave the European Union, and that doind so would prevent it continuing as a full member of the single market.The start of the negotiations comes as work continues across the British government to prepare Britain for life outside of the EU.The sensitive issue has been thrown into further doubt by May’s efforts to seek a deal with Northern Ireland’s ultra-conservative Democratic Unionist Party to stay in power after the British election.May’s finance minister, Philip Hammond, said on Friday that Britain should prioritize protecting jobs and economic growth.The EU has insisted that this sequence involve sorting out Britain’s departure and urgent issues like the rights of citizens affected by Brexit before the shape of future ties or trade are discussed.Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who is newly influential after winning 13 seats in Scotland, has said Britain should prioritise “freedom to trade and our economic growth”.Macron said that the EU’s door has always been open for Britain should it abandon plans for its Brexit.The third key issue is the future of the peace process in the British province of Northern Ireland, and the status of the border with the Republic of Ireland.Britain and the European Union are already at odds over the order of the talks, with London insisting future trade ties should be discussed at the same time as the divorce despite opposition from Brussels.The speech, which is prepared by the government and read out by 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, marks the official start of parliamentary proceedings every year and sets the agenda that is to be passed by both houses during the course of the year.The negotiations have been billed as the most complex in Britain’s history as it unravels 44 years of membership and its threat to walk out with no deal in place has anxious European capitals.A year after the referendum, he has travelled to Brussels for the opening of negotiations.