Britain’s May promises to listen on Brexit as queen presents government program

Eight of the Bills mentioned by the Queen were Brexit-related.It’s also because Brexit is such a heavy weight on this Parliament.Prime Minister Theresa May, leading a “zombie” government after a disastrous election, on Wednesday unveiled a diluted programme of action that included the mammoth legislation needed to take Britain out of the EU.The government plans to attract investment in infrastructure, with the intention of supporting economic growth.While his predecessor Barack Obama said Britain would be “at the back of the queue” if it voted to leave the European Union, Trump initially promised a quick deal with the United Kingdom before appearing to prioritize an agreement with the bloc it is leaving.The Queen’s Speech answered few questions about the pensions landscape of the future when it was delivered at the state opening of parliament on 21 June.The laws include the “Great Repeal Bill” to overhaul existing European Union legislation and separate bills on customs, trade, immigration, fisheries and agriculture.Bills on trade and customs will be introduced – Brexit means Britain will try to strike new deals with the European Union but also with other nations that it was unable to negotiate with while a an European Union member.The State Opening of Parliament, delayed by two days because of confusion caused by the inconclusive result of the June 8 election, took place without some of the traditional ceremony, with the Queen arriving by auto rather than carriage and doing without her state crown.Theresa May fails to include state visit from Trump in her Queen’s speech.Instead, May’s program for government was largely restricted to the technical work of making sure Brexit can happen: a bill that sets out how the government will transpose huge swathes of European Union law into British law and separate bills on related topics such as immigration, customs and fisheries.There was a promise, however, that the government would review laws in the wake of a series of deadly attacks in recent weeks.Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn denounced the speech, arguing that May had delivered a “threadbare” program devoid of new ideas.But the shock hung parliament result threw matters into further chaos, as Mrs May’s need to get the DUP on board to support her minority government meant the State Opening was pushed back two days.The Queen’s Speech sets out the government’s legislative plan for the next 12 months ahead – but this year’s is different.May called the snap general election in a bid to strengthen her mandate heading into the Brexit talks.The Queen was accompanied by the Prince of Wales in the traditional ceremony in the House of Lords, after Buckingham Palace announced that the Duke of Edinburgh had been admitted to hospital as a precaution on Tuesday night.