Budget office: Senate health bill adds 22 million uninsured

“We need this bill because the insurance companies are going to walk away”.But health policy experts have been skeptical about whether that insurance would be attractive to people. With no votes from Democrats expected, McConnell can only afford to lose two votes from his side of the aisle. Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who has voiced skepticism about the bill, told CNN after the CBO report that she needed more information before she could decide how to vote. Susan Collins, R-Maine, have also expressed concern. Murkowski and Collins want to protect Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, and Sen. And with Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) still avoiding questions about where she stands, McConnell may simply be unable to wrangle the votes in the three days before senators are scheduled to leave for vacation.”They want to try it themselves first”, he told ABC’s This Week program. John Cornyn has defended the bill and junior Sen.Majority Leader McConnell maintains a slim majority in the Senate. Last week, Collins said she would have great difficulty voting for any plan that adds 20 million or more to ranks of Americans with no health insurance. But repeal of the law could be possible with Republicans in control of the White House and both chambers of Congress.The email ticked through a series of times that the CBO had not accurately modeled, including an incorrect estimate of the number of people that would enroll in the Obamacare exchanges. “The reality is that this so-called “health care” bill is nothing more than a massive transfer of wealth from working families to the very rich”.SHAPIRO: Senators made some last-minute changes to the bill to address a potential problem that critics said could have led to further erosion in the individual insurance market.”And honestly, nobody can be totally happy”, Trump said.The Democrats, Trump ranted on Twitter Monday, “have no policies or ideas”. It’s a question for leaders: Do they think they’re better served by a delay than by a failure? “Not easy! Perhaps just let OCare crash & burn!” McConnell is expected to offer other changes to his proposal as he seeks to nail down support for the package.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been pushing for a vote on the plan before the July 4 recess but some on Capitol Hill say that’s too soon. Spokesperson Sean Spicer said on Monday that Trump had talked over the weekend to Cruz, Paul and Johnson, as well as some others.”We are not there yet”, Lee’s spokesman said. If the Senate is able to pass its legislation, another House vote will be necessary to either vote on the Senate bill or some other compromise measure. “Then, CBO estimated that 30 million fewer people would be uninsured in 2016, but then it had to reduce its estimate to 22 million, further illustrating its inability to present reliable healthcare predictions”, the White House said.The legislation would phase out extra federal money that 31 states receive for expanding Medicaid to additional low-income earners. It would also slap annual spending caps on the overall Medicaid program, which since its inception in 1965 has provided states with unlimited money to cover eligible costs.More conservative senators have argued that the bill doesn’t cut enough because it retains a good chunk of Obamacare’s tax credits which help people buy insurance.The Senate health care bill Sen. So where do they think these coverage reductions are coming from? Famous last words, right? And critics say that had the potential to really destabilize the market by creating a perverse incentive for people to wait till they got sick in order to go out and buy insurance coverage, which would have the effect of driving up costs for everyone.Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY said Democrats have been clear they will cooperate with Republicans if they agree to drop a repeal of the Affordable Care Act and instead work to improve it.