Canadian special forces sniper kills IS militant two miles away in Iraq

NDP leader Tom Mulcair speaks to reporters about the federal budget on Parliament Hill, Tuesday, March 22, 2016 in Ottawa.In a written statement, by the command it was stated, “the Canadian Special Operations Command can confirm that a member of the Joint Task Force 2 successfully hit a target from 3,540 meters”.In 2009 British sniper, Craig Harrison held the previous record as he shot and killed a Taliban attacker from 2,475 meters using a L115A3 long range rifle, this latest confirmed kill is thought to be a new world record. Mulcair wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.The information was revealed by the Special Operations Command, Canada.Debate continues to swirl whether Canadian soldiers are advising and assisting or engaging in actual combat – but soldiers maintain it is hard to separate the two while they’re in a combat zone.Canada has about 200 special forces operating in northern Iraq, including inside Mosul, supported by a combat hospital, a helicopter detachment, a military surveillance plane and an air-to-air refuelling aircraft.While the sniper’s accomplishment was recognized around the world and received the praise of allied armed forces, Mulcair just wants to know how it was possible if Canadians aren’t supposed to be directly fighting ISIS.”The shot in question actually disrupted a Daesh [Islamic State] attack on Iraqi security forces”, said a military source, who stressed the operation fell within the strictures of the government’s advise and assist mission.