Central Intelligence Agency knew of Russia’s United States election interference since August

Though some staffers of the former president reportedly believe the Obama administration could have been more aggressive in its response to the threat, others stand by his actions.Trump also took to Twitter to question Obama’s inaction.Talking to the Post, he said: “It is the hardest thing about my entire time in government to defend, I feel like we sort of choked”.Congressional investigators and special counsel Robert Mueller are investigating possible collusion between Russian Federation and Trump campaign officials, inquiries the president has called a “total scam”, a “witch hunt” and a “hoax”.U.S. President Donald Trump and senior Democrats joined in blaming Barack Obama for not doing more to stop Russian Federation interfering with the 2016 presidential election.New details reported Friday by The Washington Post reveal the extent to which the Russian meddling bore Putin’s own signature and brushstrokes.Trump’s win on November 8th came as a shock to the White House, The Post reports, and the investigation into Russia’s hacking campaign stalled until December.Weeks earlier, the publication by WikiLeaks of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee proved damaging to Mrs Clinton’s campaign.Before taking office in January, Mr. Trump received a classified briefing on the assessment from then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers.A U.S. official told the newspaper that the “implants” were being put in computer networks that were “important to the adversary and that would cause them pain and discomfort if they were disrupted”. They believe that a series of warnings – including one that Obama delivered to Putin in September – prompted Moscow to abandon any plans of further aggression, such as sabotage of USA voting systems.”We made massive efforts so they couldn’t do that”, Blinken told the cable news network.The CIA gave [Obama] information on Russian Federation a long time before they even – before the election. He also, according to the Post, authorized a plan to place cyberattack implants in the systems of critical Russian infrastructure.Hours later, Trump’s take on Russian meddling suddenly changed.At this point, the investigation was picking up steam and uncovering a broader tapestry of Russian election meddling than the intelligence community originally realized, The Post writes. “Look, there has been no obstruction”.”I just heard today for the first time that Obama knew about Russian Federation a long time before the election, and he did nothing about it”, Trump said in a clip of the interview, which is scheduled to air in full on Sunday.