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The University of Virginia student died Monday.Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson says he’s saddened and angry about the death of an American college student from OH who was released by North Korea in a coma last week. “And he most certainly should not have been murdered for it”, Senator Rubio said.Corker also said Warmbier’s death “just stirs up this anger towards North Korea”.”It is our sad duty to report that our son, Otto Warmbier, has completed his journey home”.A public funeral service is planned Thursday at a high school attended by a 22-year-old college student who was held for almost a year and a half in North Korea and died shortly after he was airlifted home to OH in a coma.The coroner’s office in Cincinnati is investigating the death of an American college student who died less than a week after his return from North Korea, where he was detained for almost a year and a half. “There had not been any previous detainment in North Korea that has ended with such tragic finality and we have been struggling to process the result”.In a separate statement, he said: “Otto’s fate deepens my administration’s determination to prevent such tragedies from befalling innocent people at the hands of regimes that do not respect the rule of law or basic human decency”.”Frankly, if he was brought home sooner, I think the result would have been a lot different”, the president said.One of Warmbier’s high school teachers says he “will be dearly missed”.North Korea returned him to America, stating that it was doing so on humanitarian grounds.China, North Korea’s main ally, is a strong advocate for negotiations over the North’s nuclear program, and Warmbier’s death seemed unlikely to change that.The 22-year-old was medically evacuated to the United States on Tuesday last week, suffering from severe brain damage.VOA called Young Pioneer Travel repeatedly at its Xi’an headquarters but reached only its answering machine.”Our deepest condolences are with Otto’s family and friends”, said U.S. Rep.U.S. Sen. Rob Portman says he and his wife are deeply saddened by the death of “this remarkable young Ohioan”.Warmbier’s sophomore English teacher said he would be “dearly missed”.Warmbier, who had been detained since March 2016, died in an OH hospital Monday, one week after the North Korean government medically evacuated him.Do you agree that Obama is responsible for the fate of Otto Warmbier?His family said in a statement released by a hospital that Warmbier died Monday afternoon.Warmbier was visiting North Korea with a tour group in January 2016 when he was detained over what Pyongyang said was an attempt to steal an item bearing a propaganda slogan. That consideration has since become more “urgent” since Warmbier’s death at his home in OH on Monday after being in a coma for over a year. Doctors said Warmbier’s brain injuries were consistent with respiratory arrest, which was most likely caused by intoxication or traumatic injury.