Child’s Organs Discovered Inside Small Coffin Left on Philadelphia Sidewalk

The casket was left on a sidewalk in North Philadelphia, according to ABC6. By the time police arrived, the group of people had assumed that the casket might only be a false alarm or a silly prank that somebody meant to play on them. “It looked like something straight out of ‘Thriller'”.Police made a disturbing discovery in Allegheny West Monday night, finding a casket fit for a child filled not with a body but with a bag of human organs.Police opened the casket at the scene and found a plastic bag inside that contained the child’s organs.Investigators believe the painted white coffin was built for a child around 1 years old. “The coffin appeared to be a fresh coffin”, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told Action News.”According to the medical examiner, [they] were in fact human organs”.They said it appeared to be a “fresh coffin” and possibly taken from a funeral home or dug up from a fresh grave. K-9 cadaver dogs would be used to search for any recently dug up graves, police said.’At first, they thought it was a false alarm, ‘ he told, they say they plan to see if funeral homes are missing a body or a casket, but the holiday may delay that. However, where the infant’s body is remains a mystery.