Chinese President Xi ‘Could Do a Little Bit More’ on North Korea

Last week the North’s foreign ministry said it will take “corresponding measures” if the UN Security Council imposes another sanctions resolution in response to the test-launch of the Hwasong ICBM.China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), a state-controlled company, halted diesel and gasoline sales to North Korea “over the last month or two”, amid worldwide pressure on Pyongyang to curb its nuclear and missile programmes, Reuters exclusively reported on June 28.”The resounding success of the test-fire of the intercontinental ballistic rocket Hwasong-14 has fully demonstrated the will and capability of the DPRK to annihilate the USA by a single blow to the very heart of its mainland in case it fails to act with discretion”, a spokesman for the ministry said in a statement published by state news agency KCNA.China defended today its purchase of iron ore from North Korea following criticism by US President Donald Trump and said it is “strictly and earnestly” complying with United Nations sanctions.The so-called “secondary sanctions” now being considered are a way for the United States to apply targeted economic pressure on companies in countries with ties to North Korea by denying them access to the US market and financial system.The US and South Korea agreed to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system previous year, in response to Pyongyang’s development of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.President Donald Trump’s strategy of trying to persuade China to bring North Korea into line over its weapons program doesn’t seem to be paying off – recent data shows bilateral trade between Beijing and Pyongyang is on the rise.North Korea says the South abducted the 12 waitresses and the restaurant manager and has demanded their return, but the South has said the group made a decision to defect of its own free will. Cho said this matter is not included on the talks agenda.This missile’s estimated range would put Alaska within reach.Experts say an extended cut by China would threaten critical supplies of gasoline and diesel and force North Korea to find alternative sources of refined fuel products.A barbed-wire fence separating North Korea from China is seen in this photo taken from the Chinese border city of Hunchun, China, March 18, 2015. Previously, you’ve been able to do business with North Korea but put your money in bank accounts that then have access to the US financial system.Providing China with strong incentives to curb North Korea is a not a substitute for direct talks, which you favor.China has friendly relations with North Korea and trades with it, a point of contention with the US.Greitens says the US has struggled to understand North Korea’s decision making.North Korea has again vowed to defend itself against what it considers an aggressive US presence in the region.