Cindy’s remnants: Street flooding from South to the Midwest

More and more, it is looking as if the heaviest rain will be focused well northwest of our region in the Ohio Valley, with periods of showers and perhaps a few thunderstorms moving through Southwest Virginia.At this point, it’s hard to determine how much, if any, of Cindy’s remnants will factor into tri-state weather this weekend, but it appears some rain connected to the tropical storm will soak much of the tri-state region through the first part of the day Friday.A storm surge of 1 to 3 feet above ground level is expected along the coast in portions of the Tropical Storm Warning area.Friday’s high is expected to be near 87.Alabama officials are warning residents to be on the lookout for mounds of floating fire ants that could form in floodwaters as Tropical Storm Cindy makes its way inland.Tropical Storm Cindy came ashore in Louisiana on Thursday, bringing wind speeds of around 50mph, rain and flash flooding.But the heaviest downpours are expected in East Texas, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.In much of Upstate New York, which has had a very wet spring, it would take only 1 to 2 inches of rain in an hour to cause flash flooding.”We could see this thing park on the west side of the state and dump rain until Saturday“, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Lee Smithson said Tuesday.Thursday afternoon, a twister rattled nerves, and scattered debris in Fairfield, Ala. just outside of Birmingham. Several businesses were damaged and at least four people were hurt. Fort Walton Beach spokeswoman Jo Soria said falling trees hit houses and cars in what she called “pockets of wind damage” in two or three residential neighborhoods.The U.S. Storm Prediction Center said severe storms pose a lingering threat from the Southeast into western Pennsylvania.The weather Friday was arriving on the anniversary of torrential rains and flooding that left 23 people dead in West Virginia a year ago.The center of the dying tropical storm could pass near Washington by Saturday morning and move off Massachusett’s Cape Cod on Saturday evening, followed by a cold front, the National Weather Service said.Crews in Memphis, Tennessee, worked Thursday to clear storm drains to help prevent street flooding.Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office said Nolan McCabe of St. Louis was playing with a large log in the surf outside of a condo when a strong wave slammed the log into his head, causing severe facial injuries and crushing his skull.