CNN’s Jim Acosta Again Chides White House for Banning Cameras From Briefings

Saying the White House is not a privately held company, Common Cause has called on Press Secretary Sean Spicer to return to the custom of holding daily, live press briefings, on-camera with live audio.Maybe the reporters should sit out a few of these briefings, as the White House responses are more fake then all the press combined.The White House has periodically curtailed video and audio airing of the daily press briefing, which has always been carried live not only by networks, but by the White House itself. Acosta had interrupted a reporter earlier in the briefing with a similar outburst.But recently, the briefings have receded from their daily prominence, and Spicer with it.It’s led to speculation it may not just be Mr Spicer but the job itself that is downgraded in the age of Trump. President Trump even boasted that Spicer’s briefings wereratings gold.After the briefing was over, Acosta did a stand-up shot from the White House and complained to CNN viewers that “Sean Spicer has refused to take questions from CNN for weeks now”.Many of his briefings are now audio only and with Mr Spicer no longer appearing regularly on camera, Washington is full of speculation he’ll be moved to a back-room role.”I don’t think this is a good idea at all”, said one source who consults with the administration on communications issues.”Can we have the cameras on, Sean?””‘We don’t have a great camera person so let’s not go on camera as much’ is only OK in the short term”, the source continued. But it seemed important to Spicer that the White House not verify Trump’s use of the word “mean”.”You are a taxpayer-funded spokesman for the United States government”, Acosta said.”Well”, Trump replied, “it wasn’t very stupid, I can tell you that”.”The White House is not a privately held company, unaccountable to stockholders”, Common Cause president Karen Hobart Flynn said.”Is that a new normal that we would expect?” “Look, this is nothing inconsistent with what we’ve said since day on”.The ugly confrontation was the latest conflict between journalists and the White House press secretary after broadcasters were forbidden from filming most of the month’s press briefings.