Cop injured in clashes, GJM claims 3 fatalities

“Two persons have been detained so far in the incident”, said Darjeeling’s Superintendent of Police Akhilesh Kumar Chaturvedi.The GJM has claimed that three of their supporters were shot dead by police in the Hills yesterday.The Bengal CM on her visit to the troubled state of Darjeeling on Monday saw GJM supporters welcoming her move by brandishing black flags and chanting slogans of “free Gorkhaland” against the “forceful” imposition of Bengali language in the schools.Almost 50 people, mostly police, have been injured in riots and arson attacks that have rattled the picturesque hill station for more than a week and caused thousands of mostly Indian tourists to pack their bags and flee.Police have denied firing at the protesters. He had, however, said that one person had died on Saturday, but did not specify the cause of his death.The officials claimed that almost 36 of the security personnel were injured while trying to contain the violence, and denied that they opened fire at the protesters.Reports on Sunday suggested mobile internet access has been blocked in riot-hit areas of Darjeeling. “Any negotiation can take place only after GJM withdraws a bandh”, she said. Banerjee had offered to hold talks if the GJM called off the protest. Army contingents were present in Darjeeling in the morning, but later a heavy deployment paramilitary and police force personnel was made. He also demanded a separate statehood for Gorkhaland, soon after which violence with security forces began in the adjoining areas. During the conversation, Banerjee briefed the home minister about the steps being taken by the state government to maintain law and order and bring back normalcy in the hill district, official sources said. “We are shocked that Vikram Rai, a local journalist, was arrested last night”. It is not a political fight but a fight for our own identity.”In a democracy like India resorting to violence would never help in finding a solution”.Rajnath Singh said all concerned parties should resolve their differences through dialogue in an amicable environment.While maintaining that violence would not serve any goal, he added, “Every issue can be resolved through mutual dialogue”. Many Darjeeling residents, including the people from the minority community, joined the march, demanding peace to be restored in the hills. “Nobody should resort to violence”, he said in a series of tweets.”Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said we have a link with north-east based terrorists group, which is totally wrong”. The protestors were extremely violent and were throwing stones, bottles and even petrol bombs on security personnel.