DA releases report on deadly ambush of Baton Rouge officers

This morning East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore will release his findings regarding the shooting deaths of three law enforcement officers in July 2016.After Long killed three officers and wounded three more, the gunman was killed by officers who raced to the scene to help.Moore gave a detailed report about the tragic events that unfolded on On July 17, 2016.Two days after a white police officer shot and killed a black man in Louisiana’s capital, Gavin Long searched the internet for addresses, phone numbers and other personal information belonging to the two officers involved in the July 5 shooting of Alton Sterling, a prosecutor’s report revealed Friday.On July 17, 2016, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Garofola, BRPD Officer Montrell Jackson and BRPD Officer Mathew Gerald were shot and killed by Gavin Long.Less than two weeks later, the 29-year-old black man from Kansas City, Missouri, traveled to Baton Rouge and ambushed law enforcement officers outside a convenience store and vehicle wash near police headquarters.Moore says investigators found no evidence that Long had any support from anyone in Baton Rouge.The report also contained a lengthy suicide note in which Long wrote that people who knew him would be surprised about his horrendous acts but it was something he need to do to punish “bad cops”.The almost year-long investigation by local, state and federal officials concludes that Long was killed “in the course and scope of their employment as law enforcement officers and under circumstances where their use of deadly force was legally justified”.Mr. Long, a veteran of the Marine Corps, arrived July 12 in Baton Rouge, according to Mr. Moore’s report.In addition to the three officers killed in the attack, three others were injured. Long opened fire. Wounded and clearly in distress, Officer Matthew Gerald moaned two words over his radio: “Shots fired”.Officers were investigating a report of a man with a rifle when Mr. Moore warned some of the video would be disturbing, as it depicted officers falling to the ground.The images, taken from surveillance video, show Long, clad in black and wearing a mask, taking aim with his rifle and firing at officers. Long and the police.