Dem Swalwell: Obama Response to Russia ‘Inadequate’

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson testifies before the House Intelligence Committee in an open hearing in the US Capitol Visitors Center June 21, 2017 in Washington, DC.The U.S. intelligence community has said Russian Federation was behind the cyber attack as part of its effort to interfere in the election.The president appeared to be referring to Wednesday’s congressional testimony by Jeh Johnson, Obama’s former homeland security secretary, who said that after the Democratic National Committee’s email servers were hacked, the DNC declined an offer by the Department of Homeland Security to help the party committee, which also had been in touch with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, identify intruders and patch vulnerabilities.President Donald Trump appeared to cast doubt on the assessment of 17 USA intelligence agencies that blame Russian Federation for election meddling, questioning Thursday why the Obama administration didn’t try to stop it.Johnson announced the shift on the same day as the release of a declassified USA intelligence report that said Putin “ordered” an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election.He also questioned why the Obama administration did not more forcefully address the DNC hack.President Donald Trump questions why the Obama administration didn’t try to stop Russian interference in the 2016 election. “Why didn’t they stop them?””Why did Democratic National Committee turn down the DHS offer to protect against hacks (long prior to election)”, he wrote. “It’s all a big Dem scam and excuse for losing the election!” According to CNN last week, House investigators are planning to call Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign digital director, for testimony and documents.Russia’s computer-hacking operation leading up to the election led to the release by the file-sharing group WikiLeaks of thousands of emails captured from the files of Democratic party chairman John Podesta, who was the campaign chairman for Trump’s challenger, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.Johnson defended the Obama administration in his testimony Wednesday.But though the government disclosed that 21 states were potentially impacted by the targeting, lawmakers were left frustrated that the public still doesn’t have a full picture of what exactly the Russians did during the election and that it’s not fully clear what the USA will do to protect itself going forward.Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma City says the state’s optical scan system lets Oklahoma quickly count ballots but also verify them through the state’s paper ballots if needed.Haas said he believed the public has a right to know if there was a hack into the state’s elections system. “Those who expressed negative views stated that running elections in this country was the sovereign and exclusive responsibility of the states, and they did not want federal intrusion, a federal takeover, or federal regulation of that process”.He told the House committee, which is investigating alleged Russian meddling in the election, that the notices did not get the attention he would have liked, blaming the emergence of a 2005 videotape – in which Trump brags about sexual conquests – for distracting the American public.”I’m not going to argue with you, sir”, Johnson answered. One last shot at me. He said he was frustrated that DHS learned of the hack into the DNC late in the game and that the committee refused help because it was using a private cyber security firm.