Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein testifies in budget hearings

Mr Gingrich’s criticism could be a harbinger of a drive by Trump surrogates to undermine Mr Mueller’s authority and, perhaps, lay the groundwork to question his ultimate prosecutorial decisions or seek his removal.Rosenstein’s letter critical of Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email server investigation served as the Trump White House’s first reasoning for firing Comey – though Trump later undercut that explanation by saying he fired Comey in hopes of ending the Russian Federation probe.The effort to muddy the waters surrounding the investigation is coming amid growing White House concern that the probe could detract from the president’s agenda for months or years to come.Matt Lewis, a CNN political commentator, said Trump has a pattern of surprise moves, such as the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.Rosenstein also said that having made political contributions “is not a disqualification” from working for the special counsel leading the Russian Federation investigation.But expressions of discontent with Mueller are bubbling up nonetheless. He added that fundraising records show some of the lawyers whom Mueller selected for his team have contributed to Democrats. Trump would have to order the Justice Department to fire him. “Time to rethink”, he tweeted. Ruddy had visited the West Wing earlier Monday.A Trump friend who was spotted visiting the White House on Monday later told a PBS interviewer that the president was indeed mulling over firing Mueller.Citing “three sources who are about as high as it gets in the White House” excluding the president, Scarborough said that “every one of them said the same thing: Ruddy does not speak for the president, and the president never said that”. Trump’s agenda in Congress would end up in a ditch as the GOP is forced to cope with the Mueller backlash day after day.Jeannie Rhee, a former deputy attorney general, and Aaron Zebley, Mr Mueller’s chief of staff when he was Federal Bureau of Investigation director, help round out the special counsel team that has taken up residence in a Justice Department office building in downtown Washington.First and foremost, Trump can not actually fire Mueller.In what became known as the Saturday Night Massacre, President Richard Nixon ordered then-Attorney General Elliot Richardson to fire Cox.The Speaker then went on to discuss the policies and issues the House is focusing on aside from the Trump investigations. “Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair”.Mueller’s investigation will continue. The regulations provide that Mueller can “be disciplined or removed from office only by the personal action of the Attorney General” (again, Rosenstein here, because Sessions is recused) and only for “good cause”.Neither Trump nor Attorney General Jeff Sessions have offered public support for Mueller.The first shot was sacked by Jay Sekulow, a hard-right conservative activist and a member of Trump’s legal team who told ABC’s “This Week” that he would not rule out the firing of Mueller.Republicans need to realize that “this is a real war”, the former speaker said, as “the left wants to destroy them, and being passive and being slow doesn’t count”.Barry Bennett, a GOP strategist who served as an adviser to Trump’s campaign, said he believed it would be too damaging for Trump to try to remove Mueller, but that he had concerns about the appearance that the probe was being politicized.”I think the president is actually pretty confident that ultimately this is all going to come out in the wash and ultimately he’s still going to be president”.