Deputy AG Rosenstein Says He’s Seen No Reason to Fire Mueller

The latest? Trump is reportedly considering whether to fire recently appointed special counsel Robert Mueller – the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who was tasked last month with investigating the Russian Federation matter.”I think it would be a mistake to fire Mueller, but I also think the basis of his investigation is flim-flam”, he said. Susan Collins, R-Maine, asked Rosenstein during an open Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing what he would do if Trump asked him to fire Mueller.Rosenstein noted that he is the only one who could fire Mueller, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation.Rosenstein is charged with Mueller’s fate because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from all matters having to do with the Trump-Russia investigation. He added later: “As long as I’m in this position, he’s not going to be fired without good cause”, which he said he would have to put in writing.In his interview Ruddy claimed Trump had interviewed Mueller for the position of Federal Bureau of Investigation director several days before Rosenstein appointed him special counsel.Rosenstein’s comments come just a few hours after one of Trump’s longtime friends told “PBS NewsHour” the president was thinking about firing Mueller.White House spokesperson Sean Spicer did not outright discount the notion of removing the special counsel, but he noted Ruddy was not a spokesperson for Trump and he had not met the President during his visit to the White House on Monday.Attorney General Jeff Session, right, and Vice President Mike Pence attend a Cabinet meeting with President Donald Trump, Monday, June 12, 2017, in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington. “I know for a fact that he was under consideration and that the president did talk with him in the days before he was named special counsel”.”I really like Jeb Bush“, Ruddy said at the time.”The conservative firebrand cited Mueller’s conflicts of interest with ousted FBI Director James Comey as reason for him to resign”.The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, has said that if Trump were to get Mueller fired, Congress would re-establish the independent counsel unit and name Mueller to head it.”Chris speaks for himself”, said Sarah Huckabee Sanders, deputy White House press secretary. And Rosenstein said Mueller could not be fired without his personal assent. The president has bucked many institutional norms without paying much of a penalty, and so it seems entirely within the realm of possibility that, through one mean or another, he would be willing to fire Mueller.In response, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence committee said Tuesday that Congress would not sit still if Trump made a decision to fire the special counsel.Former United States attorney Barbara McQuade, who served under the Barack Obama administration, told the Daily Beast if Trump fired Mueller “and it could be shown that his goal was to impede the investigation, it could be additional evidence of obstruction of justice”.Even so, Gingrich said, Trump won’t seek to dismiss Mueller because he’s confident the probe will conclude he’s done nothing wrong.