Disability advocates, many in wheelchairs, arrested during protest at McConnell’s office

Health groups offer scathing criticism Sanders: I hope McConnell listened to protesters outside his office MORE (R-Ky.) listened to dozens of protesters outside his office Thursday who held a “die-in” over McConnell’s work on the GOP effort to repeal ObamaCare.A Republican senator up for re-election next year just got some bad news about the Senate GOP health care bill. She says the protesters rely on Medicaid to help them live and she says the health bill amounts to “tax cuts for the wealthy on the backs of people with disabilities”. In March, a protest of around 40 people, the majority of them in wheelchairs, shut down the Capitol Rotunda for around an hour while demonstrators railed against the AHCA.Paul says that he and the other senators are “definitely open to negotiation” but that they need to make their opposition clear in order to ensure negotiations happen.In a statement, Mike Oxford, an organizer for the group, had said: ‘To say people will die under this law is not an exaggeration’.The incident occurred after about 60 members of ADAPT, a us disability rights organization with fierce objections to the American Health Care Act (AHCA), staged a “die-in” outside of the Kentucky senator’s office.”Quite Literally Dragging People Away”Physically Removing Protesters” “Horrific Metaphor For Trumpcare”Are You Being Arrested?”McConnell hopes to push the measure through the Senate next week. They were protesting proposed cuts to Medicaid.Many of those removed, even those clearly incapable of causing any harm, were arrested, taken away in a wheelchair-accessible paddy wagon.McConnell’s office referred to Capitol Police for comment.During the Obama years – whether leading the GOP minority or as Senate majority leader since 2015 – McConnell was a key player on several must-pass items: a 2011 budget and debt deal; an early 2013 “fiscal cliff” tax bill; and several “omnibus” spending packages.The House approved its version of the bill last month.Medicaid provides health care not only to the poor, but also to elderly and disabled Americans, who account for 60 percent of the cost.