Donald Trump could win 2020 presidential election, here’s why

In fact, in all four special elections – including a surprisingly close race in SC also on Tuesday – Democrats outperformed Hillary Clinton in 2016, and they really only tried hard in one of them (Georgia).Democrats threw tens of millions at Jon Ossoff, their 30-year-old newbie candidate, documentary filmmaker and former congressional aide who lives outside of Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.In a post on Twitter, President Donald Trump – who is unpopular outside of his base and a featured villain in Democratic campaign commercials – said, “I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out”.Behar underestimated the Democrats’ problem – they’ve actually lost four out of four special elections since Trump was elected. If anti-Trump sentiment is going to work in Democrats’ favor, they should have seen a better result in Georgia.Despite losing a total of four elections this year-Kansas, Montana, Georgia, and South Carolina-Pelosi has said those elections “would normally not have been priorities for her party”, according to the Times.”We are spending way too much time talking about Donald Trump and we’re being overwhelmed with our own anger toward him”, Rep. Tim Ryan of OH told reporters.The House minority leader has served as the face of House Democrats since she helped engineer her party regain control of the House of Representatives in 2007 to become the first female speaker.But some rank-and-file House Democrats scoffed at such explanations and raised questions about Pelosi’s continued leadership.Unlike in some other races, however, it wasn’t because Democratic voters didn’t show up. “And sometimes it’s hard to get people who are in power, who are used to that, to say, ‘You know what? That’s no way to build a national party”.”The Democratic Party needs new leadership now”.”They’ve spent over $100 million dollars demonizing me”, Pelosi said.”I think you’d have to be an idiot to think we could win the House with Pelosi at the top”, Vela said. Moulton yesterday endorsed eight military veteran congressional candidates in races across the country, some of whom immediately took up Moulton’s messaging for change. Intense Democratic grassroots efforts on the ground in Georgia likely made up some of that ground.And Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the No. 2 House Democrat, remarked that “we had no business winning those districts” due to their GOP allegiance. She has beat back all comers, including last fall, when Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of OH ran against her. Ryan fell well short but garnered dozens of votes, enough to underscore dissatisfaction with Pelosi and with her aging leadership team that has left promising young Democrats with few places to rise.