DUP deal ‘will protect Government from being ambushed’ – Fallon

Now the party’s 10 MPs have agreed to support the Conservatives in key votes in the House of Commons, especially when it comes to the Budget and Brexit.Foster said a deal with May could help drive a second deal on power sharing in the province.He added extra money for Northern Ireland was not unreasonable, saying: “The deal is a effect of the general election and what has happened, and it looks like a good deal.”I think most things are agreed, obviously one point people won’t agree on is the extra money that has been given to Northern Ireland, but it isn’t the same as anywhere else”.”I very much hope that this week we will be able to conclude on two agreements”.”Thanks a billion” is the headline on the front page of the i newspaper, which pictures Mrs May shaking hands with DUP leader Arlene Foster outside 10 Downing Street.In the financial detail there is both carrot and stick to persuade Sinn Fein to return to Stormont and thus allow devolution to be restored in Belfast.The stick is the glimpse into the alternative to Stormont – huge DUP influence in Westminster delivering tangibly for that party and presumably translating into electoral gains for Arlene Foster in Northern Ireland.The pact will ensure DUP support to May if any of the Opposition parties attempt to move a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister or her government, as well as guaranteeing support for budget matters.In an annex outlining the deal, the government said it “recognizes that Northern Ireland has unique circumstances within the United Kingdom, not least as a outcome of responding to challenges of the past”, and would therefore allocate 50 million pounds a year for two years “to address immediate pressures in health and education”.”This deal also raises very serious questions for (May’s) Scottish Secretary”, Sturgeon, head of the Scottish National Party (SNP), said.”It’s absurd for the SNP to criticise UK Government spending on top of Barnett in Northern Ireland when the exact same thing happens in Scotland”.Adams criticised some parts of the agreement – saying it provided a “blank cheque” for a Brexit – Britain leaving the European Union – that threatens peace in Northern Ireland.The power-sharing executive is the cornerstone of a peace process that ended three decades of violent conflict between Catholic Irish nationalists and Protestant British unionists.However, Sir Michael denied there had been a “bung” to the DUP, saying that the money was going to “invest” in the people of Northern Ireland.Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, who have close links to the DUP said: “What the DUP want is a visa-based system, so they can continue to get in the skilled work force that they need”.Sinn Fein said last week that “time was running out” given the lack of knowledge about the impact of any Conservative/DUP deal.As the Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney and the Northern Secretary James Brokenshire encouraged the DUP and Sinn Féin to reach agreement, Mr Kearney was adamant that first there must be movement from the DUP. If the talks collapse, then sources said the British government would still distribute the additional money to Northern Ireland.