DUP hoping to conclude deal with May as soon as possible

On the Conservative side, former chancellor Kenneth Clarke, the Father of the House of Commons, warned Theresa May that a deal with Northern Ireland’s DUP would not rescue her promise of a so-called hard Brexit because the Tory party would split.Ministers have already said that the Queen’s Speech, scheduled for 19 June, may have to be delayed because of the ongoing talks.Northern Ireland’s largest nationalist party Sinn Fein said it would oppose any deal that undermines a peace deal known as the Good Friday Agreement, with President Gerry Adams telling Britain: “We want to govern ourselves”.Foster’s Democratic Unionist Party has been in talks with May’s Conservatives after the prime minister’s party failed to win a majority in a national election.Naeem Aslam, chief market analyst at Think Markets, said: “Theresa May is still trying to put all the broken pieces together and forming a coalition with Northern DUP party remains on top of the bucket list”.Meeting in Dublin held as the DUP continues to negotiate with the Tories in London.She said: “We want to see an administration set up again that will last and one that will last for all of the people of Northern Ireland“.After days of uncertainty, the Government announced that the State Opening would now take place on Wednesday June 21 – two days later than originally scheduled. Until she does, she and her ministers are on borrowed time.Mrs May needs the backing of their 10 MPs after she lost her majority in the House of Commons in last week’s disastrous election.”With ten members elected to Parliament we will make sure both the farming and fishing industries will be discussed to the benefit of both in Westminster”, Shannon said.However, she said her party would go back and look at an expert report on the issue of fatal foetal abnormality which is understood to recommend legal changes.”Look at what the Tories (Conservatives) have managed to do to the United Kingdom in the space of just one year, firstly calling a divisive and reckless European Union referendum. then having lost that gamble pursuing a hard Brexit path”, Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said.