Facebook Takes Added Measures To Combat Spam

For Facebook, the update is part of an all-out war on bad actors and their efforts to flood the platform with spam, phishing expeditions, “false news” and other unwanted fare.Facebook has rounded-off a milestone week with the announcement that it is to tweak its News Feed algorithm in an update geared towards relegating spammers and accounts sharing fake news. Its research has shown that the sheer volume of posts from an individual is a string enough indicator of the quality of the content they share. According to a research data gathered by Facebook’s team, a small group of people is using the social media platform to spread a huge amount of public links every day and this effectively spams people’s feeds. Now, Facebook, which has two billion monthly active users as of June, is stepping up with an update to control the circulation of low quality links in News Feed.”Of course, this is only one signal among many others that may affect the ranking prioritization of this type of post”.Ahead of the November 8 U.S. presidential election, Facebook users saw false news reports saying Pope Francis endorsed Donald Trump and that a federal agent who had been investigating Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was found dead.Mosseri said most publishers won’t see any significant changes to their distribution in News Feed despite the new update but the daily public posts will reduce.Facebook just announced that it has once again implemented some changes to the algorithm that controls the #Posts that users see on their timelines.In addition, the updates also offer “new creative opportunities for dynamic ads” which allow advertisers to inform customers about their products, as they can now apply specific product information over their original ad creative.Mosseri, however, said, publishers that keep clean would continue see their posts reach their audiences.