Footage of ISIS conquering city in Philippines

The Islamic State militant group has a presence in almost all provinces across Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, the military chief in Jakarta has said. “So I will destroy also and kill”, he added.The latest casualties bring the number of Philippine troops killed in the fighting to 58.”I am no American puppet“, Duterte said in September 2016. We are an archipelago. We see also the IS flags.”It’s easy to jump from Marawi to Indonesia and we must all beware of sleeper cells being activated in Indonesia”, Nurmantyo told reporters at a press conference in Jakarta.Officials say that foreign nationals are among the militants in Marawi, with the list of countries and territories including Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Yemen, India and Chechnya. Marawi has a large Muslim population, while the rest of the Philippines is mostly Catholic.Military spokesman Brigadier General Restituto Padilla branded the Amaq report “pure propaganda”.About 40 foreigners have fought alongside the Philippine militants in Marawi City, a lot of them from Indonesia and Malaysia, though some came from the Middle East.Marawi is located about 500 kilometres north of Sangihe island in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province. Following his designation as emir, the Maute Group designated itself as a chapter of ISIS by calling itself IS-Ranao, since they were based in Lanao del Sur.He said the policemen could have left earlier because they were Muslim, but they feared for the construction workers.”The fight against terrorism, however, is not only the concern of the Philippines or the United States but it is a concern of many nations around the world”, he said. The group has pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS) and wears its signature garb, but it’s unclear whether IS has reciprocated.”The Philippines is open to assistance from other countries if they offer it”, according to the statement, cited by Reuters.”In celebration of Philippine independence today, the PBA recognizes the heroism of our patriots, past and present, in preserving our freedom, democracy, and pursuit of self-reliance”, the league said in a message that blared through arena speakers. “It never has been and it is not now”. Abu Sayyaf is a Philippine kidnapping oufit that operates along the Sulu Sea and that the Islamic State has tapped to form a caliphate in the Philippines.Major General Ganip Warsito, the regional military chief overseeing the closest areas to neighbouring Philippines said Indonesia army, navy and air force have deployed extra troops to boost security in the region.”We don’t know what the deal is. But we know the Maute Group and they’re not religious or political in any way”, said Rhona Canoy, president of an worldwide school and part of a political family in Cagayan de Oro, a Mindanao city where some of the Marawi refugees are staying. “None of these people are politically or religiously inclined when they get this bad”.Though many are suprised that US military is providing assitance to Filipino soldiers despite Duterte’s unpleasant remarks about American leaders and global organisations, the leader clarified that he had personal difference with only former US President Barrack Obama and not with the current President Donald Trump.