Four US troops in Afghanistan wounded by Afghan soldier’s inside attack

Three American soldiers were killed during a joint U.S. This is the second insider attack in a week.The attack was made by an Afghan soldier, Reuters writes, citing a military official – a representative of the 209 corps of the Afghan army Abdul Kagara Aram.He said there were no USA or North Atlantic Treaty Organisation fatalities, but noted that US soldiers were wounded.Camp Shaheen is the headquarters of the Afghan army’s 209th Corps where around 150 Afghan soldiers and policemen were killed in April when it was stormed by Taliban fighters dressed in military uniforms and wearing suicide vests.”Initial information shows three USA soldiers visiting the base were wounded”, ministry spokesman Mohammad Radmanish told AFP, adding that the attacker had been gunned down.Two months ago the same base came under attack by Taliban insurgents.”A soldier opened fire on foreign troops inside Camp Shaheen”.The command of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation operation in Afghanistan, Resolute Support (RS), which has more than 13,000 men including 8400 Americans, announced a record of “seven members of United States forces wounded, evacuated for treatment”.”We are aware of an incident”, the office said in a statement. At least 200 soldiers and officers were killed and dozens others were wounded. A week earlier, a Taliban infiltrator killed three USA troops in eastern Afghanistan.Thousands of worldwide troops remain in the country to train and assist Afghan security forces as well as carry out counter-terrorism missions.Saturday’s incident comes just days after President Trump delegated authority to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to set US troop levels in Afghanistan, opening the door for a possible of influx of forces that could number in the thousands. A tweet from the NATO-led Operation Resolute Support described it as an “insider attack”.The injured troops have been evacuated for treatment, the mission said in a statement. Today’s latest attack is a harbinger of what Trump faces as he sends even more troops into Afghanistan.