Grenfell Tower Deaths Rise to 79, London Police Say

“We must also prepare people for the awful reality that some people may not be identified due to the intensity of the fire”, Commander Cundy added, stating that number of people missing and presumed dead will continue to rise.Many in the United Kingdom are upset with Prime Minister Theresa May for her response – or lack thereof – to the Grenfell Tower fire.He said only five people had been formally identified so far by police, after officers earlier warned that some may never be identified due to the condition of the remains.One of the burned-out apartments inside London’s Grenfell Tower.”Sadly, at this time there are 58 people who we have been told were in the Grenfell Tower on the night that are missing”.Authorities say that 58 people are known to have died in Wednesday morning’s blaze but that figure is likely to rise.”If I issue that is a risk to public safety, we will be sharing that immediately with the relevant authorities”, he said. Cundy said emergency workers have now reached the top of the tower.The Grenfell Tower disaster is now the deadliest fire in mainland Britain since at least the turn of the last century.Speaking outside after the service, which he attended with his wife Saadiya, he said people are “angry not simply at the poor response in the days afterwards from the council and the Government, but the years of neglect from the council and successive governments”.A protest against May’s leadership also took place in Westminster on Saturday afternoon, with some marching towards Downing Street, chanting: “No justice, no peace”.”The search operation will be painstaking and having been in there myself it’s really hard to describe the devastation that the fire has caused”.She tweeted on the afternoon after the fire: “Can’t get through to hospitals for info on my niece and the helpline is useless as they only take info and are not able to give information”.”Until we do that, we can not look at anything other than staying with the same advice”.The prime minister’s response, characterized as stilted and lacking empathy, and her failure to meet with fire victims during an initial visit to the site amplified complaints on her leadership.The British government has announced that a minute’s silence will be held at 11am tomorrow to remember those who lost their lives and all those affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower in London.Photos and videos published by the Metropolitan Police show the gutted wreckage of apartments. But in an interview about the fire, May ducked the questions.