Gulen blasts ‘despicable’ 2016 Turkey coup bid, subsequent

These include the declaration of a state of emergency, which has enabled Erdogan to rule by decree since the failed coup last July.Another precondition for membership talks is that the candidate country has to exit the monitoring process by the Council of Europe, which consists of 47 member states, including Turkey. “Maybe we are not aware of that right now because we are living in it, but we are leaving a very important legacy to the future generations”, he told the crowd.Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has sent a letter to President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Last April, the country’s authoritarian leader further consolidated his power through a constitutional referendum. We said that it was not necessary to hold it in Hamburg, we could do it in some other place but they did not allow it.Mr. Erdogan’s critics say the president didn’t win fairly.Addressing a function in Ankara, he said the emergency rule will not be lifted untill Turkey needs to fight against terrorism. As the Guardian explains, these “include restoring parliament’s authority, lifting the state of emergency, re-establishing judicial independence and releasing detainees”.Many ordinary Turks have shifted their views sharply about the still-murky events of July 15.”What we need at the anniversary of the coup attempt is not sympathy for coup-plotters and members of terrorist organisations as well as biased and groundless criticism but more cooperation, dialogue and understanding”.Gulen, however, has insisted that he has never supported a coup or any attempts to oust Erdogan.But one year later, many are disheartened by how things have panned out.”The rumors aren’t true at all”, the 79-year-old cleric said in an interview with Reuters. Regardless, for many it’s clear that an event that almost drove him from power has played into the president’s hands.The troubling transformation of the past year has Turkey at odds with former allies overseas. “The attitude that the US and some European countries have taken towards various July 15 commemoration events is not acceptable under any circumstances”, Yıldırım protested, claiming these countries “constantly criticize Turkey on human rights and freedoms”.