‘I did not make, and do not have’ Comey tapes

Trump also tweets that he has “no idea” whether other “tapes” or recordings exist.Shortly after terminating Comey, Trump tweeted that Comey should hope there are no tapes before he leaks to the press.Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this month that Trump instigated several one-on-one conversations regarding the status of the Russian Federation investigation, interactions Comey deemed ethically dubious.In the contemporaneous memos, Mr Comey alleges Mr Trump sought a pledge of loyalty and said he hoped the FBI would “let go” an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn and his alleged ties to Russian Federation.That tweet set the cat among the privacy pigeons, since the thought of such shenanigans brought back memories of the tapes that forced the resignation of President Nixon.Challenged on whether he thinks there are tapes of these conversations, Comey responded: “Lordy, I hope there are tapes“.Mr Comey confirmed for the first time in March that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was indeed investigating possible links between Mr Trump’s campaign aides and the Russian government.”Well, I will tell you about that, sometime in the very near future”, Trump sidestepped when a reporter directly asked him, during a Rose Garden news conference, whether the tapes actually exist.On May 12, Trump suggested he may have recorded conversations between himself and Comey. The sources were anonymous, but Comey later acknowledged he had passed details of his exchanges with Trump to his friends.The president announced the news in a tweet, after previously suggesting he might have recorded conversations between the two before he fired Comey in May. “There has been no collusion, no obstruction and virtually everybody agrees to that”, said Trump, calling out Mueller’s hiring of “Hillary Clinton supporters” to work on the investigation.There is a post-Watergate law that makes the destruction of any possible presidential recordings to be a crime. The president is said to have railed in private about Mr. Mueller to aides and has said he wants to leave open the option of firing him. Comey said he believes he was sacked as a result of the FBI investigation. His instinct is: “‘I’ll out-bluff you, ‘” Gingrich said.The House intelligence committee has asked White House counsel Don McGahn to provide an answer to the question about tapes by Friday.Trump: Oh, you’re going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer.